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Greetings from Congenial Designs & Roofings !!!
Ours is a privately owned company set up a few years ago, concerned with Interior Designing, Engineering Services (All Building Plans), providing Flooring Solutions, Roofing Solutions and the fabrication of Cabinetry & Complete Building Solutions.  This small and yet competent set up was born with the view that people today are discerning and have a keen sense of taste and will not accept mere available standards.
Therefore, at Congenial Designs !!! , we market & service our product and do not sell the same just to be in business or to negotiate with undeserved profits.
 Congenial Designs !!!  prefers to explore the correct solution for any residence or office and develop suitable aesthetics depending on an individual customer’s preferences and preferences and sense of style.
We are confident of providing value for money, keeping in mind that each customer has a different budget and quality is available within most financial parameters.
As an example, one may envisage the designing, production and installation of a Modular Kitchen. Just making the Kitchen Cabinetry functional is not the complete solution.  Proper and professional concepts that increase the efficiency of the entire Kitchen, whilst ensuring or making the best use of natural light available, assessing available windows etc., are important and must be examined before a design concept is initiated.  Likewise, ensuring that suitable plumbing has been provided or amendments are made to increase the smooth working combination of the same.

Further, Congenial Designs !!!   promises to initiate, design, fabricate and install within the specified milestones as agreed upon, keeping in mind that these milestones may vary for different projects. But with confident assessment, a given time-frame will be adhered to & rest assured…
Congenial Designs !!! – Complete Interiors /Exteriors for Apartments / Villas /Independent Residences / IT & Office Spaces/ Security Cabins & Beauty Parlour Etc….

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